CANTER Pennsylvania will offer 4-H and U.S. Pony Club (USPC) members residing in Pennsylvania who own or lease and ride an off-the-track-Thoroughbred (OTTB) an opportunity to apply for a $250 educational scholarship.

“Our objective is to encourage young riders to consider retired ex-racehorses as viable prospects and to elevate horse and rider partnerships through the assistance of professional trainers and other educational opportunities,” said Sue Smith, executive director of CANTER Pennsylvania. “This program is designed to encourage kids to consider track horses as versatile mounts and to help provide education to build a safe and mutually beneficial relationship between horse and rider.”

Scholarship funds, made available through CANTER Pennsylvania and the Daignault Family Foundation, are earmarked for 4-H and USPC members for lessons, clinics, camps, and other approved equine activities that provide training for the OTTB and focus on second career transition.

"As a longtime equestrian I know how pivotal of a role my time at camps with riding was to my life,” said Emily Daignault. “It was the first time I was there with horses day in and day out. I truly attribute becoming a horseman, and not just a rider, to the basic groundwork given to me during those camps. I wanted to help share this education with other future equestrians."

Pennsylvania USPC and 4-H Club members interested in learning about the track life of a Thoroughbred and horse shopping tips should contact Smith at to arrange for a lecture and candid discussion on