The schedule has been set for the 2013 University of Kentucky (UK) Department of Veterinary Science Diagnostic and Research Seminar Series at the UK Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, and this year offers a few changes.

The series kicked off Jan. 18 and 19 with the UK Equine Showcase and 4th annual Kentucky Breeders’ Short Course, respectively. Over the course of two days, 14 faculty members from the UK College of Agriculture spoke on the latest equine research from the university relevant to the industry.

"We decided to not offer a separate one-hour seminar in January due to the quality of talks at the UK Equine Showcase and Kentucky Breeders’ Short Course. Also, January is a busy time for those in the breeding industry," said Ed Squires, PhD, Dipl. ACT (hon.), director of the UK Ag Equine Programs and executive director of the Gluck Equine Research Foundation.

One of the biggest changes this year includes double seminars in February and September. These seminars will feature two speakers from 3:30-5:30 p.m. There will not be seminars in March, April, and May. The series will resume for regular seminars at 4 p.m. in June, July, and August. Squires said this change was implemented after speaking to several veterinarians in the community to help accommodate busy spring schedules.

The series will conclude with the Endocrine and Genetic Disorders Symposium from 1:30-5 p.m. in November. This is the third mini symposium offered as part of the seminar series. Previous mini symposiums included the Advances in Equine Neurological Diseases Symposium in 2011 and the Lawsonia intracellularis and Equine Proliferative Enterop