At the heart of a thriving $102 billion horse industry in the United States, there are an estimated 9.2 million horses. Whether for recreation or performance, more than 4.5 million horse owners, trainers, and caretakers are continually seeking efficient solutions for optimal horse health care and performance.

At GLIMPSE 2020, the 29th Annual Alltech International Symposium, which will take place May 19-22 in Lexington, Ky., the "Equine Athlete" session is designed to offer insights on recent research findings and discuss solutions for physiological disorder prevention and immune system enhancement, as well as scientifically-proven nutritional strategies for the equine athlete.

In addition to addressing essential horse health and performance solutions, the equine breakout sessions will also focus on the business side. Equine business leaders will present examples of challenges, successes, and lessons learned from the horse feed sector and equine event management.

“As members of the equine industry, we must increase awareness of the industry’s positive contributions to employment, tax revenues and business successes by communicating better to the public, media and government,” said Steve Elliott, chairman of the equine session. “The equine industry is diverse, bringing together agriculture, sport, gaming, entertainment, and recreation. It supports 1.4 million jobs and contributes significantly to annual taxes at all levels of government in the United States.”

The equine session expert panel will include veterinarians, nutritionists, researchers, professors, trainers, and equine industry leaders from the