The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) has introduced a new internship awareness program (IAP) to help students and veterinary surgeons navigate the opportunities available after graduation as an intern and to enable equine veterinary practices to select the right employee to best enhance their practice.

BEVA initiated the program in response to a recent industry survey indicating that up to five times as many veterinary graduates could be seeking work in equine practice, than there are jobs available. The IAP was launched at 2013 BEVA Congress on Sept. 11 and will be rolled out in stages over the next three years.

The start point of the IAP this year is the publication of a detailed list of current equine veterinary internship providers in the United Kingdom (UK), together with basic information on what they offer, the type of candidate sought, and how to apply for the position. In addition a working party has been set up, comprising BEVA council members as well as private practice and university representatives, to focus on establishing common and specialized training outcomes that can allow potential applicants to select postgraduate training that best matches their career goals.

“The current mismatch of veterinary graduates versus jobs available in equine practice, is concerning,” explains Vicki Nicholls, BSc(hons), BVetMed, Cert AVP(EM), MRCVS, BAEDT, BEVA council member and IAP working party member. “So it is ever more important that we give young graduates as much support as possible to help them make the most informed decisions at this stage of their careers. In the longer term, the provision of guidelines on inte