In last week’s online poll, asked which forelimb conformation defect worries you the most. More than 760 readers responded, and we’ve tallied the results

Of the 766 voters, 223 (29%) said that buck or calf knees worried them the most. One fifth of the respondents (152 voters) indicated that knock knees or carpus valgus were most worrisome. Another 147 (19%) chose bowlegs or carpal valgus as the most worrisome conformation defect, and 115 voters (15%) chose toeing in/pigeon toed. Sixty-seven voters (9%) indicated toeing out or splay footed as a troubling conformation defect, while 62 voters (8%) indicated that “other” forelimb conformation defects worried them.

Poll Results

Additionally, 48 respondents provided comments on forelimb conformation defects that worried them.

Some readers indicated that the most worrisome conformation deficit depended on the individual horse in question:

  • “This question has variable answers based on the age of the horse, as many may … be a problem.”
  • “It would depend on the age of the horse as to which one would worry me the most at the time.”
  • “Any of these are bad if extreme. Very mild deviations are usually okay. It depends on horse’s purpose.”

Others indicated that they would worry more than one of the conformation defects listed: