Officials at the Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, Va., are investigating an incident involving a horse belonging to an active service member.

Base Public Affairs Officer Kelley Stirling said that on the afternoon of Feb. 27, the horse’s owner reported that the animal had been injured, possibly by a gunshot. At the time of the injury, the owner was walking the horse on the grounds of the Oceana Stables, a boarding facility used by some active and retired service members. A veterinarian called to the scene determined that the horse had sustained a broken leg. It was later euthanized as a result of the injury, Stirling said.

Stirling said that base security personnel searched the tree line around the base for evidence that the injury was caused by a gunshot. Vehicles exiting the base were also searched for weapons that could have been used to shoot the horse, she said.

"So far we have found nothing, but the investigation is ongoing," Stirling said.

A necropsy is underway to determine the cause of the horse’s injury, she said.

"We expect the results within the next day or two," Stirling said.