Two Texas juveniles will face criminal charges in connection with the shooting deaths of two horses, according to Grayson County Sheriff's Department Public Information Officer Sgt. Ricky Wheeler.

Wheeler said sheriff's department investigators learned of the incident on Feb. 23 when the horses' owner reported finding five animals wounded in their pasture. Of those, two animals died as a result of their injuries. The following day, the owner reported finding a target attached to a fence post on her property.

Investigators later separately interviewed two boys–ages 13 and 14 years–in connection with the incident. Both confessed to the shootings, Wheeler said. Charges will be filed with the juvenile courts in Grayson County later this week, he said.

"Each boy will be charged with five counts of cruelty to animals–which is a felony in Texas–one count for each horse," said Wheeler.

The charges carry penalties of 180 days in jail to two years in a state facility, fines up to $10,000, and restitution for veterinarian fees and the value of the horses, Wheeler said.