More than 160 readers of responded to a poll asking, "What treatments have you/your vet combined with platelet-rich plasma for healing your horse’s injury?"

results of poll on platelet rich plasma

Results were as follows:

  • None, we haven’t used it: 64.20%
  • Shock wave: 14.20%
  • Stem cell: 12.35%
  • None, we’ve used it by itself: 9.26%
  • Other: 4.94%

(Multiple selections allowed)

Readers shared their experiences with PRP treatments in the comments below.

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  • draw blood, spin it, use horse’s own plasma with injury specific meds, esp. eyes.
  • The horse was a 23 yr old retired TB with a bowed tedon.
  • only stem cell
  • Used neutraceuticals throughout rehab incl