More than 840 readers of responded to a poll asking, "What would make you stop using a rotational deworming program?"

results of poll on ulcers

Results were as follows:

  • Proof that it isn’t necessary/working on my farm: 42.45%
  • A recommendation from my vet: 29.63%
  • I don’t currently rotate dewormers: 17.05%
  • Nothing, I think rotating dewormers is best for my horse: 10.87%

Readers share their theories on rotational deworming in the comments below.

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  • Proof would have to stand up to repeated testing.
  • I use diatomaceous earth, haven’t used a commercial wormer in 16 years.
  • I use a daily wormer plus spring and fall treatments with Ivemectin or Quest have never had a colic
  • we deworm 2