Deworming & Internal Parasites

Understanding Rain Rot

Management Changes for Older PPID Horses

Senior horses with PPID need careful monitoring and preventive care because of equine Cushing’s effects on immunity, exercise tolerance, thermoregulation, and wound healing.

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What is Your Horse's Fecal Egg Count Telling You?

Frustrated by Fecal Egg Counts?

Dr. Martin Nielsen offers solutions for seven common problems veterinarians and their technicians encounter when performing FECs. Read more in this article from the May 2022 issue of The Horse.

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horse has a cough

Preparing Your Horse for Spring

Are you and your horse ready for spring? Check off all the items on this list to prepare for a healthy, successful riding season in this article from the March 2022 issue of The Horse.

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AAG: Stall Cleaning Tips
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