Deworming & Internal Parasites


The Best Defense: Maximizing Foal Immunity

Newborn foals are easy targets for every kind of bacterium, virus, and other pathogenic organism. Here are some steps you can take to maximize your foal’s immunity from gestation to weaning.

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Tips for Preparing Your Older Horse for Winter

With the cold weather almost upon us, we must take into account several important considerations for preparing and maintaining older horses throughout winter.

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Got Bots?; bots

Got Bots?

Bots are pesky creatures, capable of causing irritation and physical damage to horses. They aren’t categorized as being the worst of internal parasites, but they can cause problems externally and internally.

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Old Draft Horse

Equine Immunity From Birth to Old Age

Many factors affect your horse’s ability to mount an effective immune response, one of which is his age. Learn more about the horse’s immune system and how it functions at every stage of his life.

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