More than 630 readers of responded to a poll asking, "Which type of vaccine do you prefer for your horse?"

results of poll on equine vaccinations

Results were as follows:

  • Combination (protects against more than one disease): 48.26%
  • My veterinarian chooses the vaccine types my horse receives: 37.54%
  • Monovalent (protects against one disease): 11.36%
  • I don’t have a preference: 2.84%

Readers shared their preferences in equine vaccines in the comments below.

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  • I usually vaccinate with a Flu-Vac 5 way
  • I prefer to space my vaccinations out over a few weeks
  • Allows us to spread out vaccinations so as not to overwhelm my older horse’s immune system
  • vet chooses what he buys, so limited cho