An exciting education and outreach partnership has been formed between The Horse and the World Equine Veterinary Association (WEVA). The two groups will work together to educate veterinarians and other industry professionals about the health, care, management, and welfare of equids around the world and bring information from those groups to horse owners and managers.

“WEVA is very excited to have added The Horse magazine as a Media Partner and are excited to be working with them,” said WEVA President Gary Norwood, DVM, of Texas. “Some exciting new services will be available to all member associations and their members (see a list of Member Associations), including a free one-year subscription to a digital version of The Horse magazine.”

“The Horse is proud to become part of the outreach efforts of this world-wide veterinary organization,” said Kimberly S. Brown, Publisher/Editor of The Horse brand. “WEVA is working to bring the world’s equine veterinarians together to help all veterinarians better serve the equids who need a healing touch and to educate owners so they can keep their animals healthy.”

WEVA will partner with The Horse to promote its programs and outreach through The Horse magazine and Every WEVA Member Association will be eligible to have its individual veterinarian members receive a free one-year subscription to The Horse digital edition so they can access the publication’s up-to-date information in the most timely manner, no matter where they live.

The Horse will also provide editorial space in each issue of the magazine for a WEVA message either of upcoming educational events or articles about past presentations and events. The publication and Web site also will work with individual veterinary associations to bring their information and stories to the hors