The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is posting updates on the ongoing investigation into contagious equine metritis (CEM) cases first identified in Kentucky. Seven stallions of 22 that were housed at DeGraff Stables/Liberty Farm Equine Reproduction Center LLC in Midway, Ky., during the 2008 breeding season have so far tested positive.

According to the APHIS site:

  • Four positive stallions are in Kentucky.
  • Three positive stallions are Indiana.
  • There are six other exposed stallions and 22 exposed mares currently located in Kentucky (to be considered “exposed,” the horse was on the index premises in Kentucky and/or was bred to a CEM-positive horse).
  • Outside of Kentucky, authorities have located 78 exposed horses in addition to the three positive stallions, to include 12 stallions and 69 mares. All CEM-positive horses, and all exposed horses that have been located, are currently under quarantine or hold order. Testing and/or treatment protocols are being put into action for all located horses.
  • At least 250 additional horses are actively being traced. Owners of these horses are located in at least 27 states.

Read more on the investigation on the USDA APHIS Web site.