This year’s annual meeting of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) in Seattle, Wash., offers a myriad of educational opportunities for veterinarians and horse owners, and has a trade show that features new products and services for veterinarians.

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Following is information from some of the companies attending the trade show

Abacus Services

In the past year, Abacus Surfaces has begun to promote a product, described as being unique, to not only the landscaping market but to the equine market as well. The product is Interlocking Rubber Pavers.

Coming in “dog bone” and “tile” forms, these Pavers can be used in barn aisleways, walkways, paddocks, and many other places. There are different styles and sizes.

The Pavers are constructed of recycled airplane tires and truck tread. They are made in four different colors–grey, red, black, and green. They come in two thicknesses and two different styles. The Standard Pavers are made up of thinner pieces of rubber, while the “Regrind” Pavers are constructed of the remaining material from Standard pavers.

The full 1 3/4-inch Pavers can be placed over stone dust and concrete without having to be adhered to anything. The split seven-eighths-inch Pavers need to be adhered to concrete. The Pavers are interlocked so tightly that movement is prevented.

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Alberts Equine Dental Supply

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