Just under ten weeks ago, I was heartbroken and scared because I had a rejected newborn filly and didn’t really know what to do or how we could provide adequate care for her. Today, I can’t imagine Jo in any situation other than the one she’s living: carefree, well-nourished, and happily paired with a loving mom. Actually, I don’t often stop to think of the situation as being unusual, but there’s no question that the events of the past two-odd months have been extraordinary.

I returned from vacation today to find that Jo’s Magic has seemingly doubled in size in the past week. I was astonished by the amount of height, weight, and muscle that she was able to increase in only seven days. She’s a solid foal who’s really grown into her frame. Her potential is limitless, whether she goes on to race or becomes a sport or show horse. Jo still relishes the time that we spend handling her, so I feel confident that no matter what she does as her “first” career, she’ll be the type of horse who will always find a loving home as a pleasure mount later in life.

Exotic Blue has recovered fully and is officially “breeding sound.” She’s still being pointed towards a new career of her own, however, and I’m slowly getting her used to being saddled and ridden. We’ve had some interest in her from several readers, and I think she’ll be ready to find a new home within a few more weeks.

I’ve enjoyed chronicling this little adventure, and am ready to claim success on the experiment. While Jo and Blue played major roles in the story, the real central character has always been H