It’s been four months since I signed off, and I’m not sure whether to characterize this stretch as "mundane" or "extraordinary."

Scratch here please

Jo’s Magic enjoys some "people time."

Hermione and Jo’s Magic have led a common existence as mare and foal, without any snags, leading up to last week’s weaning. No character quirks, no health concerns, no problems of adjustment. Jo wasn’t abnormally attached to Hermione (at first I worried that she would be, as a reaction to being a rejected foal), but she also wasn’t any more likely than other foals to let her mom get too far away. I’m convinced that Hermione didn’t realize that anything was unusual about the situation: she’d had foals before, she had another now, what’s the big deal? And from afar, that’s how it appeared: the two were just another mare and foal in the herd, indistinguishable from the rest.

A closer inspection, of course, revealed a few distinctions. In the broodmare pasture, Hermione alone was no sleek Thoroughbred. At 22, this fat little Quarter Horse was by far the senior horse in the broodmare pasture and didn’t bear much resemblance to the Thoroughbreds.

Mare and foal

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