It’s been almost two years since I started watching my Thoroughbred broodmare, Exotic Blue, for signs of imminent foaling. A lot has happened since that cold February morning, when she gave birth to a little bay filly with a white star and one white sock in what first appeared to be a normal delivery.

Jo’s Magic officially turned 2 today (as did all North American-born Thoroughbreds, by the tradition of The Jockey Club – Magic’s actual birthday is Feb. 15). With the launch of’s new blog stable – including a conversion of my Rejected Filly article to this new interactive blog format – it seems like a good time to post an update.

"Scout" and Brush Back: Three weeks after Jo’s Magic was born in 2007, I welcomed a foal produced by another broodmare I owned then. Raising the two foals together worked great, as they got along well, even if their personalities were night and day. "Scout" was a colt to Magic’s filly. He was stand-offish where she considered every stranger just a friend she hadn’t yet met. The colt was petulant, while the filly seemed to vie for Ms. Congeniality. He needed to be convinced of every lesson; she was eager to please. The two were inseparable until they reached about a year old and – nature being what it is – it was prudent to part colt from filly.

Scout was sold as hip #4701 at the 2008 Keeneland September sale. He was shipped to South America, where his sire (Honour and Glory) is especially popular. Gone is the barn name "Scout,"