Student of horsemanship that I strive to be, I try to be more than just a railbird when I watch an equestrian competition. I put on my imaginary judge’s hat and watch the rides critically, trying to figure out who’s going to place higher and why. On the occasions that I’ve been seated next to an expert, I ask questions and watch and listen carefully, hoping to improve my eye.

I’m not alone in this thirst for horse knowledge, and that’s why “commentary with a judge” sessions are so popular in some equestrian disciplines. But I can’t imagine anything more exciting than listening to expert on-the-scene analysis of the competition at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky. 

“World Equestrian Radio” will allow WEG spectators to do just that. Here’s how it works: Pre-order a special souvenir radio receiver (limited quantities will be available on site during the WEG). The $45 cost gets you the receiver plus access to commentary and information for the disciplines of vaulting, dressage, reining, para-equestrian dressage, eventing dressage, driving dressage, and eventing jumping. The current lineup of expert commentators is:

  • Dressage: Kathy Connelly, international dressage competitor, trainer, and coach 
  • Eventing: Jean Mitchell, commentator and former FEI  judge; and Betsy Steiner, commentator, international dressage competitor, trainer, and author
  • Vaulting: Nanc