Today we’re celebrating Equine ER’s first birthday Ð the nonfiction book by Leslie Guttman, published by Eclipse Press, came out roughly a year ago.

As a special gift to readers of this blog, we’re giving away the Equine ER e-book free for a limited time. Email up until midnight PST TONIGHT (9/21/10), and you’ll receive the e-book this week.

Again, that is the electronic book we’re giving away, NOT the print book, the e-e-e-book. E as in Equine ER. (Sorry for the overkill; just want to be clear.)

(Very important: The e-book will be coming to you as an attachment. Check your spam box this week if you don’t see it in your inbox.)

We appreciate you reading this blog and all your comments over the past two years. Your recent comments have included:

1)  Readers discussing various reasons behind their horse’s flight response being triggered, including: “a) golf-ball-sized hail on a tin roof, b) dogs running (above) in a hay loft, c) my horse’s own shadow!”

2)  A passionate debate over Thoroughbred breeding after an Equine ER book excerpt discussed a mare on Foal Watch with a history of e