America’s Horses Face Crisis

For those of us in the horse rescue field, today’s troubled economy has produced serious issues of horse welfare.

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The unwanted horse situation is not a short-term problem. We as horse owners must try to divert the ultimate crisis. | Photo: iStock

By Vel Moore, MS, PhD

For those of us in the horse rescue field, today’s troubled economy has produced serious issues of horse welfare. Increasing numbers of horses are facing homelessness and possible abandonment. Although it is gratifying to see more effort being made by professional institutions and organizations to assist in these crises, it is clear that all horse lovers must become horse advocates. The public domains (federal, state, or local) have neither the resources nor the interest in promoting concerns related to domesticated horses. There are no public funds for equine food banks, free grazing land, veterinary supports, and/or municipal horse shelters.

In many communities horses have been residents since the early days of original settlement, and they are still part of the population. However, like the humans living under our freeways and in their cars, horse residents are often unseen and denied as part of our mainstream culture

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12 Responses

  1. re: America’s Horses Face Crisis

    I contacted a rescue in January and heard back immediately.  Not only did they provide valuable information i.e. shipping, board info until the horse could ship, etc., but they have followed up on Yazmine.  18-yr old Arab mare Yaz now has a p

  2. re: America’s Horses Face Crisis

    Just as a rebuttal to those who commented about my post….I work in customer service so I know exactly what goes on when people call.   Also,  I am one of those horse owners that keep my horses till they die of old age, so don’t be so quick

  3. re: America’s Horses Face Crisis

    I rescued 2 horses that were retired from servicing a trail ride 24/7 for 12+years. They had been pulled from the business living in minimal (forage,care)conditions. They were FREE. It has taken 1yr for their health to return. They are old, arthritic,

  4. re: America’s Horses Face Crisis

    Some people value their free animals more than others who paid high prices. I kept all 3 of my first horses that I bought at auction for the rest of their lives. One lived to be almost 34 and was emaciated and had rain rot when I bought her. The stalli

  5. re: America’s Horses Face Crisis

    I agree with Howard J.about checking the prospective owner out.. I don’t know if I own our horses, or if they own us…? It is a huge committment, as it should be. I’ve known alot of idiots with some idea they romanticize about having a horse… then i

  6. re: America’s Horses Face Crisis

    I have many beautiful horses that would give someone years of wonderful love and companionship. Problem is I have unfortunately found that horses sold for a small price are conidered "cheap" and are treated as such. I will never again sell ch

  7. re: America’s Horses Face Crisis

    I am a hoofcare professional and see many horseowners a day.  I can’t count how many times I have had to talk owners out of breeding their "backyard" horses to get a foal.  We must campaign hard to curtail freelance breeding just as

  8. re: America’s Horses Face Crisis

    I do want to comment about Sandy and her lack of a call back.  I have worked wildlife rehab and rescue for many years and people leave me messages every day.  You would be stunned at how many times I get an incorrect phone number, the message

  9. re: America’s Horses Face Crisis

    Seriously Sandy….. Is your ego sooo big that you put it before the welfare of a horse you may be able to help???  Get over yourself and HELP THE HORSES.  THEY NEED KIND, WONDERFUL PEOPLE.

  10. re: America’s Horses Face Crisis

    Get off your high horse!  Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂  But seriously, 1) these are volunteer organizations stretched very thin and 2) all communications in life are subject to failing.  How many times did you call? Did you email, too? &nbs

  11. re: America’s Horses Face Crisis

    I work at a rehabilitation rescue center and if a horse is unavailable I always email or call to let them know and see if another horse might work.  So don’t let one group turn you off of helping an unwanted horse.

  12. re: America’s Horses Face Crisis

    I find this interesting.   I called a rescue about a horse they had and never got a call back.  If that horse was no longer available,  I would think they would want to contact me about others they had, but no callback.  I am still

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