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Misperceptions About Equine Weight

There is an endless list of problems associated with obesity in horses. It is far more dangerous to have an obese horse than an underweight horse, and the problems are much longer lasting.

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Before You Volunteer at a Disaster Site

If you choose to volunteer in an emergency or disaster situation, there are a number of very important factors to consider before loading up and leaving, even if the destination is local.

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The Future of Land Resources

Funds for land acquisition and trail development are drying up. Here are four things we must do to ensure enough land is preserved for our horses and activities.

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The Trouble With “Evidence”

There are countless hoof products and practices—both verifiable and unverifiable—out there that the author says have become more popular due to salesmanship rather than evidence.

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On the Road? Shield Your Horse From Environmental Risks

Making a Disease Alert System a Reality

Similar to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for human diseases, the EDCC will serve as the official source of information about equine infectious diseases and provide real-time alerts when disease outbreaks such as the neurologic form of herpesvirus infection occur.

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Equine Parasite Research Crowdfunding Project Launched

A New Breed of Funding

Read more about how Dr. Martin Nielsen helped launch the first crowdfunding project for equine research.

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Across the Fence

When in Doubt, Turn Out

If our goal is to produce horses that are athletically talented and sufficiently resilient to withstand maximal competitive efforts, there is no substitute for a natural upbringing with full-time turnout on varied terrain.

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