Full Circle Ownership

The AQHA’s Full Circle program, available at not charge for current AQHA members, can help owners track horses from their past.

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Full Circle Ownership
The American Quarter Horse Association's Full Circle program allows members to track horses from their past and offer air to current owners in case they ever need to find the horses a new home. | Photo: Photos.com

By Holly Clanahan

I’ve been reading on Facebook about a nice little mare who recently ended up at a low-end auction, most likely destined for a slaughterhouse in Canada. A former trainer got wind of the mare’s predicament along with the previous owner, who had no idea the current owner had kicked her former horse to the curb.

Fortunately, this story had a happy ending; the much-loved mare ended up back with her original owner. But the story certainly makes you wonder how many of the tens of thousands of “unwanted” horses a year really don’t belong in this category. Some of the horses tagged with this label aren’t truly unwanted; their people just don’t realize when they need help

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13 Responses

  1. re: Full Circle Ownership

    We really do need to address overbreeding in this country.  And not just by the backyard breeders.  I would love to see a $1000 surcharge tacked on to every horses intitial transfer, be it sales, adoption fees or give aways.  That money

  2. re: Full Circle Ownership

    While I think this is a great idea, the number one thing to do is stop breeding. Too many animals are finding themselves without homes.  We have to be the responsible ones.  

  3. re: Full Circle Ownership

    I had my first horse when I was 40 and he was 19. He was a handful til the day he died 2 months before his 29th birthday.  He was bold, strong and spirited and carried me wherever I pointed him and was best in really rugged country because he was

  4. re: Full Circle Ownership

    I had to re-home a horse I raised from a foal about 6 years ago due to financial reasons. I gave him to a "trusted friend" who has since cut off our friendship. The agreement was if she couldnt care for him she would send him back to me. She

  5. re: Full Circle Ownership

    I can’t understand people who sell animals and then act all suprised that the animals wind up abused or killed. Might as well sell your kids.

  6. re: Full Circle Ownership

    My husband sold his second horse to a trainer who we trusted; Ric had become difficult to handle and unsafe to ride after being attacked by a pack of dogs – this trainer supposedly found him a home "where he would be used for light ranch work such

  7. re: Full Circle Ownership

    #1. Stop breeding.

    #2. Sell only to those who are willing to sign a contract stating that the horse YOU sell to them comes back to YOU if the horse becomes unwanted by them. This ensures YOUR responsibility to YOUR horse for their future.

  8. re: Full Circle Ownership

    My STB is in the original Full Circle program, although he will never leave me.  I found it interesting that the AQHA supports Full Circle, when they also take a pro-slaughter stance and that QHs are the breed most sent to slaughter.  Kind of

  9. re: Full Circle Ownership

    I sold a sweet AQHA gelding that I thought was going to a good home. I still have his 1/2 sister who is now 25 yrs old. He was green when I sold him and the guy was going to finish him for his girlfriend. Next thing I know months later was I got a copy

  10. re: Full Circle Ownership

    I’ve sold exactly one horse in my lifetime. I thought I’d found a perfect home– the new owner was a 12-year-old horse-crazy girl. If I’d been given a horse at that age, I would have all but slept in the barn. Long story short, she got tired of the hor

  11. re: Full Circle Ownership

    Yes this program is a start but when the AQHA (of which I used to be a member) allows surrogate breeding, etc. there are more unwanted horses than could probably be rehomed. My farrier spent a weekend where there were 250 surrogate mares, all pregnant

  12. re: Full Circle Ownership

    This is such a great program, kudos to the people who have started this and now maintain it.

  13. re: Full Circle Ownership

    That is a FANTASTIC idea that I hope the other breed associations will take up.  Thanks for sharing!

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