This winter I’ve made the tough decision not to show my hunter, Lily, at Florida’s 12-week Winter Equestrian Festival. Okay, realistically it wasn’t too difficult to decide–my bank account, day job, and other priorities made that choice for me. But it will be bittersweet when my trainer, riding buddies, and the rest of the farm family pick up and relocate next week to sunny West Palm Beach.

Lily won’t be joining the rest of my barn this winter at this Florida farm. Instead, I’ll be moving her to a new farm where I’ll need to be more hands-on in her care.

Photo: Alexandra Beckstett

At that point I will move Lily across town to the barn where I board Hannah–a well-maintained 250-acre property with a heated indoor arena for training during colder months. This will be the first time I’ve had Lily anywhere but in the full-service care of my current trainer and his skilled staff. I’m nervous that I’ll miss some important detail or fail to care for her at the same high level in her new digs, so I’ve created a pre-moving checklist to help get everything in order (download your own printable equine moving checklist here):

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