For Immediate Release: November 2017

Logan, UT – Juniper Systems, Inc. recently announced EmberEquine, a new equine ultrasound reproduction solution developed to optimize the workflow of busy equine veterinarians. The Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet, running EmberEquine software, pairs with Draminski’s 4VetJ Ultrasound to provide practitioners with everything needed to make mare exams and recordkeeping quick, easy, and efficient.

“We saw a need in the equine reproduction industry we knew we could fill,” said EmberEquine Product Manager Jed Packer. “We’ve had the opportunity to present our solution to several practicing equine veterinarians and we couldn’t be happier with the amount of positive feedback we’ve been receiving.”

The 4VetJ Ultrasound allows veterinarians to record measurements directly on the ultrasound for improved accuracy and efficiency. Measured ultrasound images are then sent to the Mesa 2 Rugged tablet via Wi-Fi, attached to the mare record form, and safely stored on the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet and Microsoft Cloud for easy access.

Its touchscreen interface, wireless design, and all-day battery life are all aspects of this solution that separate it from its competitors. In addition, the EmberEquine software provides veterinarians with a powerful, yet user-friendly interface for quick data entry on the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet during each reproduction exam. The electronic forms on this software are easily customized to fit the needs of each practice and allow veterinarians the option of accessing and sending mare exam data virtually anywhere.

The solution will be demonstrated at the annual AAEP Convention in San Antonio, Texas on November 17-21 in booth 1021.

More information about this new solution can be found at and questions can be answered by contacting Juniper Systems at 435-753-1881 or

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