Louisiana law enforcement authorities are hoping the public can help locate whoever left a severely injured horse at a roadside after the trailer in which the animal was riding overturned. St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, Animal Control Director Stacey McKnight said a passerby called police on Jan. 16 to report that a horse was lying on the roadside next to an overturned trainer. Upon arrival, St. Landry Parish Sheriff Office deputies and state police discovered a filly lying in a creek bed beside a trailer. “She was lying with her head uphill or she would have drowned,” McKnight said. “There was water beneath her and it was only 19 degrees.” A cursory examination revealed the horse was in shock and appeared to be malnourished. “All we could do is keep her warm and transport her to a clinic,” McKnight said. A veterinary examination revealed that the filly had sustained a broken spine as well as cuts and scrapes consistent with being ejected from a trailer. “Also, we could not bring her temperature up,” McKnight said. “She couldn’t nicker or lift her head, and she had lost control of her hind end.” The filly was euthanized due to her injuries. The incident remains under investigation. But aside from a license plate recovered from the trailer, there are no leads in the case, McKnight said. “But I’ll follow up on every single lead and forward them to police,” she said. Anyone with information about the incident should call McKnight at 337/501-9100.