Saddle pads come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. But what is the most important thing you look for when shopping for a saddle pad? We posed this question to our readers in last week’s online poll. More than 650 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 660 respondents, 503 (76%) said the most important factor is that the saddle pad is designed with their horse’s comfort in mind. Another 100 respondents (15%) said it was important that the pad helps their saddle fit their horse and/or them better, and 38 individuals (6%) found it important that the pad keeps the saddle clean and protects it from sweat. Four respondents (1%) said they do not use a saddle pad, and the remaining 15 respondents (2%) had other important factors not mentioned in the poll.

Additionally, more than 35 people commented about what they look for when saddle pad shopping:

Some commented that their horse’s comfort was and important factor:

  • “I want my horse to be comfortable when under saddle.”
  • “My horse is my partner, it’s important that he be comfortable.”
  • “The pad must be designed for horse comfort and protect the saddle.”
  • “I must be comfortable for my horse and must be non-slip.”
  • “Horses comfort always comes first!”

Several people said fit was important:

  • “Fit and comfort. My aged Arab has a dropped back. An Equalizer pad with shims helps me feel better!”
  • “Must fit, and not pinch neck and withers without additional layering.”
  • “The pad must fit and protect the horses back.”
  • “The pad fits both the horse and saddle.”
  • “Saddle fits horse correctly, so pad has to be thin enough to not change saddle fit Color counts, too!”
  • “Must fit my saddle size.”
  • “Good fit is always a priority, and the right saddle pad helps a lot.”
  • “If it doesn’t fit my horse and make him more comfortable it is not worth buying.”

Some respondents shared other important factors they consider when shopping for saddle pads:

  • “It just has to do its job staying between the saddle and horse.”
  • “Must prevent injury first, and, second, allow better movement.”
  • “Must curve to fit withers, no billet keepers to poke into back, and polyfill, no foam.”
  • “Must follow horse’s back contours while aiding in comfort and not cause saddle to become unbalance.”
  • “Prevents heat build-up and easy to clean!”
  • “Having sufficient wither relief.”

A few people shared what type of saddle pad they use:

  • “Thinline is my pad of choice. The improvement in my TWHs gait was incredible!”
  • “After finding my horse loving them I only use Back on Track saddle pads. Happy Horse, great ride!”
  • “We use 5 Star pads. Worth every penny.”
  • “Genuine wool felt or wool blankets for my western saddles.”
  • “100% wool is my favorite, continued for best fit”
  • “CSI pads only!”

And others left general comments:

  • “I need a saddle pad that will stay in place as my saddle is a mono-flap. I have yet to find one.”
  • “Pads with or without saddle blanket is chosen for comfort of horse and rider, and sometimes for looks.”
  • “The pad is to make my horse colorful, a clean saddle is a bonus.”

You can learn more about saddle pad science, find out what the sweat marks under your saddle mean, how to prevent saddle sores, and tips for saddle fit at!

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