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Rescued horses can be heartbreaking and often require special care to bring them back to health. Learn how you can help during our live event.

About the Experts:

Garret Leonard

Garret LeonardGarret Leonard is director of the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center located in Franktown, Colorado. Harmony Equine Center is an impound/holding facility used by law enforcement involving cruelty cases of equines of all types. As director, Leonard oversees all court cases and equine care, deals directly with law enforcement, and provides oversight of adoptions and the center’s training program. Harmony has received more than 500 horses over the past three years directly from law enforcement.

Lois Toll


Dr. Lois TollLois Toll, DVM, has been an ambulatory veterinarian at Littleton Equine Medical Center in Colorado since 1992. She’s helped treat and care for rescue horses over the past 20 years. Toll currently sits on the boards of the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance and the Dumb Friends League, a Denver-area humane society. She is also involved with the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center, in Franktown, Colorado, which aids equids that have been removed from their owners by law enforcement agencies.