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Get your horse health-care, management, and industry questions answered here! Ask the TheHorse Live is a free audio event available exclusively from The Horse. Each month, Ask TheHorse Live focuses on a specific equine health care and industry topic hand-picked by our editors. We gather leading veterinarians, researchers, and industry experts to tackle even your toughest questions, submitted in one of two ways:

  1. Prior to the event during registration.
  2. During our live online broadcast.

Join us live to be part of the discussion, or listen on-demand to archived podcasts. It’s that easy!

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EPM: Help For Your Horse

Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM) is notoriously difficult for veterinarians to diagnose and equally tricky to treat. But there’s hope as researchers continue to investigate this neurologic disease. Sponsored by Kentucky Performance Products.

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Treating Equine Lameness With Biologics

Regenerative medicine is giving us new options for treating horses with joint disease and other injuries. Learn more and get your questions answered during the live recording of our podcast. Sponsored by Zoetis.

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Laminitis: Prevention, Detection, and Treatment

Laminitis is an extremely painful and often deadly hoof disease in horses with several causes. Get your questions about laminitis—from nutrition to podiatry—answered during this live recording of our podcast. Sponsored by Wellness Ready.

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Feeding Recreational Horses

How do you feed recreational riding horses to meet their nutritional and digestive needs without causing weight gain? Get those questions and more answered during this live recording of our podcast. Sponsored by Nutrena.

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Feeding Performance Horses

Is your horse getting the nutrition he needs to reach his athletic potential? Are you looking to build his topline or increase his stamina? Equine nutritionists answer these questions and more. Sponsored by ProElite.

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The Benefits of Massage for Your Horse

Massage can promote relaxation, support your horse’s muscles, and improve his performance. Listen to this prerecorded Q&A about deep-tissue massage, myofascial release, acupressure points and more. Sponsored by Kentucky Performance Products.

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Bits, Bridles, and Equine Welfare

Your horse’s head, face, and mouth comprise sensitive nerves, bone, and soft tissue. While many of us focus on saddle fit, bridles and bits often get overlooked as a cause of discomfort. Bits can cause mouth pain and injury, and research shows many nosebands are adjusted too tight to the point of cruelty. Is your horse wearing the right bit and bridle?

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Calming Horses: Education and Options

From learning theory and counterconditioning to supplements and pharmaceutical options, we’ll take a look at ways to safely help nervous, high-strung, and energetic horses relax. Sponsored by Confidence EQ by Bimeda.

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TEEA: Red Dun Mustang Mare – Ready for Training/Project

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