Editor’s Note: The following is part of a series to help horse owners understand certain modalities and their purported uses. Horse owners always should seek the advice of their veterinarian before starting any treatments.


When supporting the foreleg, keep your knees bent and your back straight. Gently pull the forelimb through a complete range of motion in every direction it will normally move.

Sixteen years ago, when I began talking to trainers about stretching exercises for their horses, I was met with some skepticism. Why would a horse need to stretch? "He needs to run and run fast…They are not ballet dancers," they would say to me. As it turns out, speed is dependent on strength, and on agility. Straight ahead running demands a certain amount of agility for rapid stride turnover. Agility involves rapid change of limb position or rapid change of direction, and it requires mobility in the soft tissues that surround a joint. The