The University of Kentucky (UK) College of Agriculture, Food and Environment has named Richard Coffey, MS, PhD, chair of the Department of Animal and Food Sciences.

Coffey is the current director of the UK Research and Education Center in Princeton, a longtime swine extension specialist, and leader of the college’s youth livestock programs. He will begin his new administrative role by April 1, 2015.

“The department is on a forward-moving and successful trajectory and is positioned for a bright future,” said Nancy Cox, MS, PhD, dean of the college. “It must sustain faculty excellence, enhance the already great undergraduate teaching program, support the diverse animal agriculture economy, and successfully transition to the university’s values-based budget model. The overall consensus was Dr. Coffey is well-equipped to lead the department to face these challenges.”

Because the department’s work is critical to Kentucky’s animal agricultural economy, animal agriculture community representatives, along with college administration, faculty, staff, and students, participated in the interview process and provided valuable input during the selection

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