Trying to stay warm between winter feedings? Curl up with The Horse's 10 most downloaded free reports of 2014.

Special Report: Hoof Problem Protocol

Your horse has a hoof abscess, bruise, puncture, or something else wrong with his foot. Should you call the veterinarian or farrier? With this comprehensive chart, find out the best next step to take during a hoof-related emergency.

Fact Sheet: Fear in Horses

Fear is inherent in horses, with varying levels of intensity and behavioral reactions. Significant fear reactions—bolting and rearing, for example—can lead to horse and/or human injury and sometimes to material damage as well. Fear reactions can also determine how a horse will be used and who will ride it. Learn about fear and anxiety in horses and how to handle their fear reactions in this research-based fact sheet.

Fact Sheet: Prebiotics and Probiotics

Despite the similarity in their names, prebiotics and probiotics are not just two different forms of a similar supplement. This free report provides the hands-on horse owner and caretaker with an overview of prebiotic and probiotic nutritional supplements given to horses with gastrointestinal concerns.

Special Report: Top 5 Stretches for Healthy Horses