“Ask The Vet Live,” a popular horse-health care question-and-answer podcast from The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care, is getting a new name. Beginning this month, the podcast will be renamed to “Ask The Horse Live.”

“The new name better reflects the range of topics we cover during our monthly live show,” said Michelle Anderson, The Horse’s digital managing editor and Ask The Horse Live host. “We rely on a variety of qualified experts, including researchers and industry business leaders, as well as veterinarians, to talk about equine health care, behavior, and management.”

Ask The Horse Live is a free 1-hour live interactive audio event available each month exclusively from The Horse. Each podcast is free, and following its initial airing, archived for on-demand download at TheHorse.com/AskTheHorseLive.

To listen to archived podcasts and register for upcoming events, visit TheHorse.com/AskTheHorseLive. For information on sponsoring an upcoming live podcast, contact Leigh Walkup or Yvonne Long at advertise@thehorse.com.