Whether your horses are equine athletes, low-key lesson mounts, or retired seniors, ensuring they can breathe easy is key to keeping them happy and healthy. However, this becomes decidedly more challenging when horses suffer from equine asthma (commonly known as “heaves”). Owners often seek advice and tips on ways to keep their asthma-affected horses healthy, so we’ve scoured our archives and compiled 10 resources available for free on TheHorse.com.

ARTICLE: Low-Dust Forages Essential for Asthmatic Horses Ditching dry hay in favor of cleaner forage options improved racehorse airway inflammation. READ NOW

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Ins and Outs of Severe Equine Asthma Commonly known as “heaves,” equine asthma is a serious condition that requires proper diagnosis, management, and often treatment. VIEW NOW

STUDY: New Microarray Test Scans for 400 Equine Asthma Allergens A study using the test found asthmatic horses appear to have allergic triggers similar to humans, including a common arena footing material: latex. READ NOW

INFOGRAPHIC: Equine Allergies The key to keeping your allergy-prone horse comfortable is figuring out the causes of his reactions and avoiding them. Learn more about allergic reactions in horses with this step-by-step visual guide. VIEW NOW

FACT SHEET: Equine Asthma Syndrome Is your horse struggling to breathe? Equine asthma might be the cause. DOWNLOAD NOW

VIDEO: Steroids, Management Changes To Treat Heaves Mathilde Leclere, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM, describes how corticosteroids and antigen avoidance can help horses suffering from heaves. WATCH NOW

SLIDESHOW: Conditions Helped by Hay Soaking Research shows that soaking hay before feeding can help a variety of equine health conditions, including heaves. Learn more in this slideshow. View Now

ASK THE VET LIVE: Avoiding Respiratory Problems in the Barn A number of air quality factors in barns can make it harder for your horse to breathe, compromising his health and performance. Learn how you can keep your barn’s air clean and his respiratory system healthy in this archived hourlong event. LISTEN NOW

ARTICLE: Breathing Easy: Managing Horses With Asthma Does your horse have asthma? Find out how you can help him with management and environmental changes. READ NOW

SPONSORED ARTICLE: The Newest Treatment Options for Equine Asthma Veterinarians currently have a variety of medical treatments available to manage horses with asthma. Options include anything from over-the-counter breathing aids, natural/herbal/holistic products, and breathing implements to a variety of prescription-strength drugs. Sponsored by Aservo EquiHaler. READ NOW