A mare found profoundly mutilated and allegedly malnourished is receiving care at a horse rescue in San Patricio County, Texas.

Michelle Hird, operator of the Rockport Horse Rescue, said the San Patricio Sheriff's Department called the rescue to pick up the mare on Aug. 26. The 4- or 5-year-old Paint mare had her vagina cut out and was stabbed inside that initial wound, she said.

“Basically, she was slashed from the anus to the (hind) leg,” Hird said.

In addition, the mare scored a 2 on the 9-point Henneke Body Condition Scale, she said.

Currently, the mare is receiving rehabilitative care that includes a special diet.

“She has some issues so … we are feeding her watered down senior feed and some alfalfa cubes,” Hird said.

An MRI examination will determine whether the mare sustained long-term nerve damage to her legs as a result of the slashing, Hird said.

No one from the San Patricio Sheriff's Department was available to comment on the case.

San Patricio County District Attorney Michael Welborn was not available to comment on whether charges have been brought in the case, but Hird said she believes charges in the case are pending.