Study: Horses can Communicate Blanketing Preferences
Blanket? No blanket? Blanket? Oh, that frustrating inner battle on a cool day. There are many good reasons to put a blanket on your horse, but there are just as many reasons to leave it off. If only your horse could just tell you what he wanted!

Actually, there might be a way to determine whether your horse wants a blanket or prefers to be naked: Cecilie M. Mejdell, PhD, of the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, and colleagues have developed a communication system with horses that allows the animal to express his desire to have a blanket on—or not.

“Blanketing horses is common in our culture, but blankets are often used excessively, even into summer,” said Mejdell. Mejdell presented a study she completed with Turid Buvik, Grete Jorgensen, and Knut Boe, at the 2014 International Society for Equitation Science conference, held Aug. 6-9 in Bredsten, Denmark.console.log('scenario 2');

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