Study Confirms Kicks From Shod Horses Can Damage Bone

Help, My Horse Got Kicked!

Learn why horses get kicked, how to treat kick injuries, and tips on preventing them in this article from the Summer 2024 issue of The Horse.

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Low-Stress Horse Husbandry

From reinforcing behaviors to reading facial expressions, adopting welfare-friendly handling practices can improve equine well-being and human safety.

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gray jumper

Feeding ‘Hot’ Horses

Addressing your high-energy horse’s behavior using diet might involve some trial and error. Learn what you should consider before adjusting his feeding program.

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horse grimace scale

Is Your Horse Hurting?

Learning to read a horse’s facial expressions and postures at rest and under saddle can help you become more sensitive to detecting pain in horses.

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Identifying Foal Rejection

Foal rejection can jeopardize the foal’s health—and even life—due to failure of passive transfer of immunity or severe injury.

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