Stable and Other Vices

Stressed in the Stall; pawing in stall

Stressed in the Stall

My horse recently started pacing and digging holes in his stall. What could be causing this behavior?

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Equine Stereotypies: Vice or Coping Mechanism?

Does Omeprazole Reduce Cribbing in Horses?

A researcher tested whether treating gastric ulcers as the cause of cribbing could reduce the behavior; omeprazole at a standard dose wasn’t useful for this purpose.

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Selenium and Cribbing: Is There a Relationship?

An Old Horse Starts Cribbing

A reader’s 17-year-old horse started trying to crib recently, which she’s never seen him do before. Why would he start now? An equine behaviorist offers insight.

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Farm & Barn: The Drylot Life

The Drylot Life

Not every owner has access to pasture for their horses. Download this free report to learn more about drylots and special considerations for housing horses in pastureless regions.

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Understanding Horse Behavior

Why do horses do the things they do? A behaviorist talks about how horses learn, stereotypies, herd dynamics, and more!

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