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Common OTTB Behavior Traits

Common OTTB Behavior Traits

I’m considering purchasing an ex-racehorse. Are there any common behavior problems in OTTBs that I should be aware of?

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Horse Sellers' Disclosure Obligation

Why Does a Horse Bite?

Researchers have developed a list of reasons a horse might bite. Learn the causes and how to train a horse not to nip.

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how cribbers learn; Dopamine and Horses: Learning

Ways to Reduce a Cribber’s Colic Risk

Researchers’ don’t necessarily recommend preventing a horse from cribbing. Rather, they suggest maximizing a horse’s turnout time and making sure forage is available at most times.

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Naughty Or Natural?

My horse has a rude habit of flashing my friends when they we visit him. How can I stop this behavior?

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How Can I Stop a Horse from Striking?

The horse strikes the ground, stall, water tank, and fence. I’m concerned he will hurt himself, destroy property, and influence my horses. What can be done to correct such rude behavior?

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Feeding Time Pawing

Feeding Time Pawing

Do you have any suggestions for stopping a horse from pawing while he is eating his grain?

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horse in muzzle (horizontal)
electrolytes for horses; Why Do Electrolytes Encourage Horses to Drink?
Donkey Eating Hay
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