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Horse Cribbing and Dentistry

Aside from routine dental conditions that occur in horses, owners might encounter a behavior that is referred to as cribbing or crib biting, which can have a negative effect on the incisor teeth.

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Horses with Pica Lack Trace Elements, Researchers Report

A recent study found that horses with pica–a propensity for consuming non-food items–have lower iron and copper blood levels than horses who restricted themselves to food items, only. According to researchers from Turkey, “prophylactic u

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Posture, Behaviors Indicate Horse Well-Being

If a horse spends most of his time standing in the same position in his stall, would you say he’s just bored? And what about a mare that threatens to bite when you approach her stall–is she vicious?

The latest behavior research

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Horse Stereotypies Vary by Discipline, Researchers Say

Some horses crib, some weave, some chew wood. Some have many in-stall habits, while others have practically none. But these equine stereotypies are not as random as they might seem. According to recent findings from an equine behavior research

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Student Research on Horse Behavior

Q: I am a third-year veterinary student at Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College. I am working on a paper for my Equine Health Management class, and I am focusing on equine behavioral stereotypies (cribbing, weaving, stall/box walking) and pasturing…

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Weaving Worries

I have a 12-year-old Tennessee Walker who weaves. I recently noticed lameness in the right front leg. How does weaving affect the lameness, and what treatments can I use to stop or decrease the lameness? Would steroid injections help?

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Horse Sales: Cribbing Can Break the Deal

Even when a stalled, cribbing horse is turned out to pasture, they often continue to crib on the fencing or water troughs. It’s also interesting to note that some experts think cribbing can be a pleasurable sensation for horses and act as a stress reliever.

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Self-Mutilation or Pain?

I have a horse that I believe is displaying a form of self-mutilating behavior, and I’m wondering if you have

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