Horse Industry Brochure contains ten simple tips to remember when considering equine involvement.

With high marks in from the critics, it is expected that “The Horse Whisperer” will be one of the top movies of 1998. That means that millions of Americans will see the movie and be exposed to horses and riding. In the past, when a good movie drew attention to a lifestyle or activity, interest in that activity soared. (Remember City Slickers and dude ranches? How about A River Runs Through It? Fly fishing went crazy.) To be prepared for a similar onslaught. The Horse Industry Alliance (HIA) has produced a simple Horse Sense brochure to help guide the general public into involvement with horses.

Horse Sense begins by telling interested individuals that they can easily fit a horse into their life with as little as $50 a month and a few hours of time. The brochure gives advice on checking with family, friends, stables and veterinarians and focuses on the importance of gathering information before becoming rider or owner.

“We want to encourage responsible and informed participation,” says HIA Executive Director, Patti Colbert. “Through this simple, yet direct brochure we hope to provide guidance to first-time horse enthusiasts so that their experience in the horse world is a positive one. Form our perspective itÌs the best way to deal with the tremendous influx of new people that The Horse Whisperer may bring.”

The back panel of the Horse Sense brochure has space for businesses, farms, riding stables and instructors to add their name, address and phone number for promotional purposes. Brochures are available to all HIA members for a minimal production and shipping fee.

For more information on the Horse Sense brochure or about the Horse Industry Alliance contact the HIA office at 512/355-3225.

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