Until recently, vaccinating for strangles (Streptococcus equi) was a painful procedure for both horses and their owners. Conventional intramuscular vaccination often caused lameness and inflammation that could persist for days.

Now, a breakthrough S. equi vaccine introduced by Fort Dodge Animal Health promises to make painful reactions a thing of the past. New Pinnacle I.N. is the industry’s first intranasal S. equi vaccine, according to Lynn Bixler, Product Manager with Fort Dodge. Bixler says administering the vaccine through the nostril eliminates the possibility of inflammation and lameness typically associated with conventional S. equi vaccines that are administered locally in the muscle.

“Strangles is a contagious bacterial disease seen most often in young horses. With its superior efficacy and easy administration, new Pinnacle I.N. represents a significant step forward in the fight against this devastating disease.” Bixler says.

Clinical signs of strangles include fever, nasal discharge, cough, loss of appetite, and difficulty swallowing. Another devastating symptom, enlarged lymph nodes, can impair breathing and may even result in death through asphyxiation, according to Bixler.

Pinnacle I.N. is a modified-live vaccine and is available only through veterinarians. It is a featured vaccine in the Fort Dodge “New Frontier” Horse Health Program, which rewards horse owners for purchasing products and services from their veterinarian. See your veterinarian for more information.

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