top downloads of 2018

Trying to stay warm between winter rides, barn chores, and feedings? Curl up with The Horse’s 10 most downloaded forms and reports of 2018.

Fact Sheet: Laminitis in Horses—Laminitis causes crippling lameness associated with intense pain that shortens horses’ athletic careers. Download this fact sheet to learn more about recognizing, treating, and preventing laminitis in horses. 

10 Tips for Giving Horses Oral Medications—When it comes to getting necessary medications into horses’ mouths, even the shortest pony can turn into an equine version of a giraffe. Here are tips to make medicating easier.

At a Glance: Caring for Senior Horses—Caring for the older horse can require special attention to his needs. Download this free guide to find out what health issues to watch for and how to keep your senior horse happy and healthy.

Equine Vaccination Cheat SheetLearn about the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ recommended core and risk-based horse vaccines in this handy special report.

Horse Identification FormThis one-page horse identification form organizes all of your horse’s important information in one convenient place. In case of trauma, theft, weather emergency, missing or loose horse, travel, etc., this free identification form will help you be prepared. Vital information on your horse, from its name and breed to microchip number, medical conditions and distinguishing characteristics, can be life-saving in emergency situations.

Special Report: Kissing Spines are Common in Horses but Not Always Career EndingKissing spines are more likely to cause clinical problems in certain horse breeds, disciplines, and age groups. Download this special report to learn more. 

Fact Sheet: OCD in HorsesDo all young horses with fluid-filled joints or lameness have osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)? Download this fact sheet to find out. 

Fact Sheet: Regenerative Medicine Use in HorsesRegenerative therapies can help horses recover following injury. Download this free fact sheet to learn more about stem cell, IRAP, and PRP therapy use in horses. 

Equine Body Condition Score PosterThis downloadable poster contains descriptions and illustrations of body condition scores for horses from 1-9 (emaciated to obese) based on the Henneke body condition scale.

Equine Pastern DermatitisEquine pastern dermatitis, commonly known as “scratches,” is a skin disease that usually includes swelling of the horse’s heel, fetlock, pastern, and/or lower leg and is often chronic and resistant to treatment. Download this free guide to learn more about this common skin condition, its causes, treatment, and prevention methods.