Do you have a nuisance bird problem in your equestrian barn or arena? We’re here to help with the first installment of The Horse’s Problem-Solvers Series, paid downloads designed to make your horse-life better and help you tackle your most challenging problems—all from the horse health source you trust. In “Controlling Nuisance Birds on Horse Properties,” you’ll get the information you need to safely eliminate nuisance birds from your barn and prevent them from nesting there in the first place.

Nuisance birds can be just that to horse owners: annoying hassles that cause costly damage and create unsanitary messes in equestrian barns. These birds often choose tight spaces in barns or outbuildings where they end up destroying insulation and paint, not to mention leaving a messy trail of nesting materials, feathers, and feces in aisleways. Others might aggressively outcompete native beneficial birds by destroying nests or killing young.

In general, an excessive bird presence can ruin anything from vegetation and landscaping to painted surfaces, insulation, gutters, and awnings. Nesting sites can cause electrical equipment to malfunction and nesting material itself can become a fire hazard. In this paid download we look at ways to dissuade these unwanted visitors.

This eight-page download includes:

  • A visual guide to beneficial birds, many of which help reduce insect populations.
  • A visual guide to pest bird species, including whether they’re protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
  • Proven solutions for preventing nesting and perching, so you can create an action plan that works.
  • A 13-point checklist to help eliminate nuisance birds from your barn.

Get this information-packed download for just $3.95 by visiting The Horse’s online store.