From that cute thing he does with his nose before dinner to the quick swipe with his teeth he takes when you tighten the girth, owners deal with various horse behaviors every time they’re around their charges. And sometimes, those behaviors leave us asking, “Why does he do that?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured our archives and gathered 10 resources you can use to decode your horse’s behaviors available free on

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INFOGRAPHIC: Signs of Stress in Horses Learn about the common signs your horse might show when under stress and ways to mitigate the possible causes using our visual guide. View Now

ARTICLE: Understanding Horse Behavior Might Prevent Human Injury There are plenty of ways people can get hurt around horses. But how many of these accidents are preventable? One Danish researcher believes that with improved understanding of equine behavior, riders both novice and experienced can avoid potentially harmful horse situations. jQuery(document).on('ready', function ($, document, undefined) { jQuery('.pum-overlay').on('pumInit', function() { // var settings = jQuery('#popmake-60448').data('popmake'); console.log('pumInit'); }); jQuery('.pum-overlay').on('pumOpenPrevented', '.pum', function () { // var settings = jQuery('#popmake-60448').data('popmake'); console.log('pumOpen prevented'); }); jQuery('.pum-overlay').on('pumBeforeOpen', function () { var $popup = jQuery('#popmake-60448'); // setTimeout(function () { $popup.popmake('close'); // }, 0); // half Second // var settings = jQuery('#popmake-60448').data('popmake'); console.log('pumBeforeOpen'); }); });