More than 167,000 people witnessed Nyquist win the 142nd Kentucky Derby in person at Churchill Downs on Saturday, while millions more watched from various locations around the world. There’s usually a lot of excitement leading up to the historic race, and we wanted to know more about our readers’ Derby plans.

So, in last week’s online poll, we asked our readers how they planned to watch the Kentucky Derby. More than 700 people responded and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 702 respondents, 463 (66%) said they planned to watch the Kentucky Derby at home on their televisions. Another 58 individuals (8%) said they planned to watch at a Derby party and only 7 people (1%) said they would watch the race in person at Churchill Downs. The remaining 174 respondents (25%) said they would not be watching the race.

Additionally, more than 30 people commented about their Derby watch plans:

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Several people commented that they planned to watch the Derby at home on television:

  • “It was fun to see it in person, but I’m content to watch from my sofa.”
  • “If I miss it on TV, I will watch it online.”
  • “I recorded on DVR.”
  • “I don’t like crowds and I get to see more on TV then if I was there live.”
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