Anthrax Detected in Horses on Two Additional Texas Premises
Veterinarians have confirmed anthrax in three horses on two Texas premises since the Texas Animal Health Commission’s (TAHC) previous update on July 22, 2019: two horses on a Crockett County premises and one horse on a Uvalde County premises.

The TAHC quarantined the premises after animals tested positive for the reportable disease.  Anthrax quarantines are typically lifted 10 days from vaccination or the last death loss.

According the a TAHC media release, 14 premises in five Texas counties (Crockett, Kinney, Sutton, Uvalde, and Val Verde) have confirmed animals with anthrax to date. Animals include antelope, goats, horses, deer, and cattle. Producers have been advised on vaccinating exposed animals and instructed on the proper disposal of affected carcasses, as outlined by TAHC’s rules.

As stated by the TAHC, “Anthrax is found worldwide, but in Texas, cases are most often confined to a triangular area bound by the towns of Uvalde, Ozona and Eagle Pass. This area includes portions of Crockett, Val Verde, Sutton, Edwards, Kinney and Maverick Counties.”

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