Most people wouldn’t think twice about getting car, home, or property insurace, some of which are required. But what about insurance for your horse?

In last week’s online poll, we asked our readers if they currently have medical or mortality insurance on their horse. More than 400 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 448 respondents, only 87 (19%) said they currently have medical or mortality insurance on their horses. The remaining 361 respondents (81%) do not.

Additionally, more than 80 people commented about why they do or do not insure their horses:

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Several people commented that they have both medical and mortality insurance on their horse:

  • “Both. I’m not rich. Insurance gives me the ability to treat expensive problems!”
  • “Both, because I show and travel.”
  • “We have both, just to protect our investment.”
  • “Both, as you need mortality to have medical. It works well once per body part if the horse is young enough.”
  • “My elder horse (27 years old) is too dear to me to not have medical/mortality insurance on him.”
  • “Medical and mortality because my horse is at a training barn and showing.”
  • “Both for major medical, colic, and mortality.”
  • “Both. I’m married to a financial consultant who says Mr. Murphy was an optimist.