Facts About Navicular Disease, Brought to You by Dechra
The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health and Dechra Veterinary Products have partnered in December to bring horse owners and veterinarians facts about navicular syndrome (podotrochlosis) as part of our “Focus on the Facts” series.

Navicular syndrome is a cause of lameness that can appear in horses of any breed or discipline. It can be limited to one limb; however, it most commonly affects both front hooves, causing bilateral lameness. The condition has no cure and is ultimately career-ending, but it can often be managed to make afflicted horses more comfortable.

We’ll spend the month sharing information about navicular syndrome, including diagnosis and management strategies. Look for our fact-based navicular syndrome content and graphics throughout December on TheHorse.com, as well on The Horse’s Facebook page, Instagram feedTwitter feed, and e-newsletters.