The world’s best equine athletes at the Olympic Equestrian Centre in Deodoro are now poised to help their human companions win medals for eventing, dressage, and show jumping, and as they focus on the prize they have access to a high-tech veterinary facility like no other.

Located at the Deodoro stables, the nearly 11,000-square-foot horse clinic features everything needed to keep more than 200 horses from 43 countries fit and healthy throughout the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, with specialists ready to care for every need around the clock. The clinic will also be fully operational for the Paralympic horses that will come to Deodoro next month.

Manned by a 130-strong team of veterinary surgeons, anesthetists, imaging specialists, and medical professionals from Brazil and around the world, the clinic includes the latest pathology, endoscopy, radiography, and ultrasonography technology, as well as a dispensary, emergency surgery facility with padded recovery boxes, and specialist treatment stables.

The clinic offers routine supportive veterinary care and, should any emergency first-aid be required, specialists are on-site to treat the horses. Nine specially equipped horse ambulances will also be on the venue if any horses need to be transported to the clinic.

In addition to the clinic, a network of physiotherapists is on hand to keep the horses in top form, while grooms and veterinarians monitor the horses’ temperatures, food and water intake, and weight.

Chilled Out

The Games are taking place in Brazil’s winter season, when the weather can fluctuate, so keeping horses cool is a major focus.console.log('scenario 2');